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EXPO 2015 has begun. A truly worldwide event, this year it has come to Italy.


Beyond Milan, the host city, Venice serves as official support city for EXPO 2015, and more specifically as the site for AQUAE VENEZIA 2015, the EXPO event dedicated to water, an element strongly associated with the very essence of Venice itself.

And where better for Aermec to offer its support towards EXPO 2015 than in the celebration of that same element which also forms the essence of Aermec's entrepreneurial philosophy.

It is the application of water as the thermal vector, the minimal use of refrigerants and the quest to offer ecological solutions optimising the usage of natural substances which represents Aermec's underlying technical driver.

PRIMO RAMO, the official entrance to EXPO Venice designed by the architect Andreas Kipar, represents an urban requalification which serves as the site for numerous events and expositions, creating a true scientific park which will welcome the estimated 800.000 visitors to EXPO Venice during the 6 months of its duration.

In collaboration with VEGA, Aermec operates as the official air conditioning partner for PRIMO RAMO; together with its Venetian Service Centre "SM" it will supply, install and service the air conditioning chilling equipment during the entire EXPO event, offering comfort and well-being to the many visitors from all over the world.


EXPO has arrived to Venice, and Aermec is there to offer the perfect climate to the numerous guests arriving to enjoy EXPO, enjoy Venice and enjoy water.